Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Farewell! I Will See you on Instagram- Facebook and Twitter

Hi there Fabulous Ladies!
Well it's farewell for me
Since my accident last March i was not much on the bloggersphere
Want to tell you all, i'm now top shape, well... obviously don't you agree...
But i must admit i lost my mojo as far keeping up this blog.
I want to tell you all that while it lasted
I had a blast and met such awesome people
Thank you so much for all your support and always fantastic comments!
For those who cannot live without my fantastic style and sense of  humor
Rest assure
I will be on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter

Find me at Stylesudest on Instagram and Twitter

I pledge to wear second hand first
I will keep my love of vintage clothing
I will remain my true to myself and live my life in technicolor!

See you all soon on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

But you never know, i might come back but this time with something completely different!

And of course i will visit your blogs!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Wedding

Hi Ladies!
Hope you are all doing well
We are back from the honeymoon
We had a splendid time in the South of France
Pics coming later, but for now here are some our wedding pics!
Pics taken by Karyne Bond

a7 a6 a8
a3 a9 a10

Hope you enjoyed these pics
It was a joyous and perfect affair
Everything went clock work
 We didn't eat much that day, I guess it's the same for most brides and grooms
We  mostly chat, smile, kiss, dance and drink
I woke up with a massive headache the next day
Can't you believe I didn't have one of those marvelous cupcakes
I had one the day after the wedding

We are back in the swing of things after being jetlagged, tired with a bit of sneeze, probably because we came back to this ridiculous weather we had these past days
We also had a cat emergency, poor Mister Leo he has a stone in his bladder
He's on a special diet and no more treats, he seems to be ok for now.

I will be soon be visiting you all

And yes! the dress is vintage!

Have a great week!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

For Better Or For Worse

 Hi Ladies!
I thought i would wear my gorgeous 70s maxi dress for my last post as divorcee soon to be married again!
And yes it's my second time around and my hopefully my last!
But life is a constant movement so you never know what's at the end of the road for us -
This wedding at one point because of my accident in March almost didn't happen-
I  hope that I will accompany my dear Mr. D in  his constant movement and together we can become better people!
 a4 a6
I will be away from the blogger sphere for a while but for those who have Instagram and Twitter will be able to see pics of  my wedding and what I will be up too in the forthcoming weeks-
I'm stylesudest on Instagram and Twitter-

See you soon!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Fun-What I Have Been Up To

Hi Ladies!
Finally got myself to post, I have to admit it's not top priority these days!
But you will all be wondering soon where the heck is she, right?
Did she fell on her head again?
Rest assure she's doing fine!
I thought I would show you this time where I have been doing lately and these past weeks - 
We have been to the Just For Laugh Festival this year- It was downtown this time, it used to be on St-Denis street - They probably changed the location this year due to this fabulous location called Le Quartier des Spectacles  - Le Quartier des spectacles  is where all the major cultural and entertaining events take place now-
 Here's a look at how it looked like this year -
 a6 a5 a1
The Twin Parade
My former work colleague I have met by chance that day and his twin brother - They took part in  the Twin Parade at the festival -
The theme of the festival was the 60s and 70s this year-
A waterfall in the middle of downtown
The Just for Laugh mascot- Those babies are in good hands -
A place to rest, cool off and enjoy the sunshine
The shows
 As well, we have been on the River Boat in the Old Port for our 4th anniversary last Friday -- a1
Behind me the are the  Old Port hangers transformed into shops for the summer and the Marina
Captain and me
a3 a4
While sailing, Jacques Cartier Bridge
a7 The views were stunning!
For the rest, we are still in the wedding preparation mode, lots of details to think of -
I sense that I'm starting to be a little be nervous but at the same time I know it will be a wonderful day for D and I -
I have to think as well about what the heck I will pack for the European holiday - I figured out what shoes to bring, typical girl, hey?
But for the rest I don't have a clue what to bring - I would like to keep it simple and practical -

I will be back soon but first I will join Patti's Visible Monday!

Ariane XXO!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jumping Into Matrimony!

Hi Ladies! 
I took my idea for this post from adorable Sara of Hello the Mushroom
I thought it was such a delightful, whimsical post and it's the way I feel these days
Happy , whimsy and ready to jump into matrimony! 

a1 a3 a4
My wedding dress is vintage but my accessories are new but bought on sale-
The wedding band, isn't gorgeous!
I was wearing for this post -
Dress thrifted at Renaissance
Belt- Retail on sale
Converse - Retail on sale
I will see you soon!
I know I'm not big on the bla, bla, bla...but i think the images say it all
Don't you think?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Living My Life

Hi Ladies!
Hope you had a good weekend!
Our weekends are back to normal since I got my head back-
It's lovely to go to friends again, enjoying the festivals, the public markets and all is going on during the summer here!
 Shopping at Public Markets is something we enjoy immensely since I got my health back -
This is what I wore at Marché Jean-Talon this Sunday-

Marché Jean-Talon originally opened in May of 1933, it was named "Marché du Nord" (north-end market) before becoming the Jean-Talon Market, named in honour of the first Intendant of New France.
The Jean-Talon Market is known for its numerous local fruit and vegetable vendors as well as the cultural diversity of its shopkeepers. It is one of the largest public markets in North America and its atmosphere is lively in both summer and winter. It’s like a little village, a place where families have gathered and generations have grown, merchants and customers alike.
At the Jean-Talon Market, you won’t just find fruits and vegetables, but also flowers, spices, oils, cheese, meat, fish and artisanal bakery goods, in addition to a wide selection of regional products from all over Québec!

marche jt10
 Since I became a vegetarian we mostly shop at public markets to get fresh vegetables and fruits-
The outing usually ends with coffee and pastel de nata, they are Portuguese egg tarts-

The other thing we totally enjoy these days  since I'm back to myself is planning the wedding -
Last week I went to my mother's to look at some old family photographs that my recently deceased aunt had and we didn't know about -
Amongst the photographs were this bracelet and pearl necklace that we think belonged to my grandma -
I decided that I would wore them at my wedding -
 Some old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? Am I missing something?
These will be something old-
I leave you with an areal view of our garden-
This is were the wedding ceremony will take place -

I was wearing for this post and for Patti's Visible Monday  and Monday Mingle
Top retail on sale
Thrifted skirt
Sandals retail on sale ( best sandals ever, will bring  them over with me while in Europe)
See you soon!