Monday, September 21, 2015

life without Ariane is no life at all

I don't know where to start really...
I will start by wearing my computer / reading glasses cause i can't see a thing without them now
Unless i drink too much red, wine then it all seems clearer somehow, fuck, my hips are getting larger and larger...
I  have been away for a long while but still following you guys
Les fearless, under...shit! i need my english dictonnary...heu..the visilble 40, 45 and over .... 
Good God i admire you!
Who will read me now, I say!
But enough
What the fuck i have been up too, you wonder
Well Ladies i have been shaving my head all summer
 And now to put a smile on my hubby's face i let it grow


I have been to sewing classes, quit yoga classes cause i can not afford them anymore but after 8 years i thing i can do it on my own and have too cause i wake up as stiff as a board, that's is for you girl lack of estrogen and it sucks but i get over it and get on with my day
I kick my ass and stretch while squeezing my lemon and orange every morning

 I have been taking piano lessons and painting 
I meditate to get a good night sleep
Forget TV, computers, iphone  at night, i can't sleep 
I'm frigin 55 and life is changing
But i still like to wear whatever i want when i want
I had the weird urge somehow to conform, you get funny at 50ish...i don't know why....why!!! hell why!!
What the hell was going on with me, i tell you...
i'm back to myself

Now i have to finish that painting, any suggestions...


Avec amour

How come nobody talks about menopause, i know it fuck me up, what about you...


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What Would Ines Wear?

 This Ines de La Fressange for Uniqlo dress purchased in Paris was sitting in my closet for a while
I was wondering at one point why I acquired it
Was it because i wanted something from Uniqlo? or seduced with the idea of owning a piece from Ines?

So that said, i pondered a long time about how to wear this dress without looking too matronly - Wear the wrong shoes and accessories and hello grandma!

Hubby  is not a big fan of the dress, you know men, anything with a pattern is a picnic tablecloth for them
 But i think if  found the right shoes / boots and accessory to wear this dress
It's classic, but at the same time, it  has a fun 70s vibe

Dress - Ines de La Fressange for Uniqlo- Purchased in Paris
Belt - Thrifted at Renaissance - Montreal
 Italian boots -  Thrifted at St-Vincent de Paul -  Montreal

If not too late i will join the Fab Ladies at Visible Monday 

See you soon


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BB - Bold and Beautiful

First and foremost, let me start with Sylvia at 40PlusStyle who did a piece on 
Most Stylish Midlife Women on Instagram
As far i am concern we, I say , seniors or midlifers Ladies
require serious recognition for their contribution to keep fashion on the bloggersphere fun, stylish and out of the box
I celebrate the ones who dare to put themselves out there, no matter the style.
My priorities as far as dressing these days are, to be warm and comfortable 
We have to go through  atrocious sub -zero  months here in Montreal

 Suede Jacket - Thrifted at Renaissance
Top - Retail
Skirt - Retail
DocMartens - Retail
My Instagram widget on my blog is out of order
Too much activity,isn't crazy?

Top - Thrifted at Renaissance
Skirt -Retail
Shoes Retail
Jacket - Retail
Skirt - Thrifted at Renaissance
DocMartens - Retail

I had some questions about Korean Cosmetics 
Why do i like them so much?

They are cheaper and i feel that i have better results
My skin is more radiant and supple
It moisturizes the skin better
I love the masks, you don't have to put anything else after, the skin glows
I'm not kidding, i see the difference right away
I'm not looking for a miracle,  i know i will be wrinkled and everything will be going downwards but at least i will be super moisturized!

My favorite products are so far -  

MediHeal -  Charcoal mask and cleanser
Iope - BB cream, it's a wet spong in a compact, perfect coverage- I love and love it!
Missha- BB cream 

See you soon


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's All About the Universe

Sometimes the Universe talks to you
A girl needs at some point a sign  to go on
I got a good one today
I checked my Instagram account this morning and to my surprise i had more 2000 followers!
Non, non can't be? what happened?
I was featured on Buzz Feed as 

                15 Amazing Senior Style Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

Well, i will be 55 next month so it makes me officially a senior
As a senior
I will  wear  only colorful clothes
Spend my retirement funds on DocMartens
Only use Korean Cosmetics
Eat as much baklavas as  I want
And shave my head
What will you do when you are a senior?
Skirts were thrifted at Renaissance
Top from the fabulous Pink Cheetah Vintage shop on Etsy 
DocMartens - Retail

See you soon



Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blind Love

Working for a non-profit organization  that defends the rights of the visually impaired makes aware of all the injustices of this world
People are  sometimes mean, judgmental and discriminating towards the handicapped
I have heard no non- sense stories from my visual impaired co-workers
All they want is lead a normal life
And sometimes we make it difficult for them
I have heard the worst terrible stories
I'm happy to work there, it makes me more aware of the issues they deal with and i will do my personal help them and educate who ever is on my path and not treating them the way they should be treated
I got blind love now!


Now the fun stuff!
I purchased that dress from the fabulous Pink Cheetah Vintage shop on Etsy
This dress is versatile, comfortable and fun
You can style in so many ways
I kid you not, vintage is the best
You get a unique look every time
Too bad my co-workers can see me!

Sorry if i'm  not around that much
Struggling with my schedule
Getting back to work after 10 months at home is not easy
Thank heavens i have the best husband who supports and helps me 

See you soon



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Busy But Fabulous!

It has been a busy for me lately
This is why i was not so present on the blogger sphere but took the time to check out my favorite blogs but not always leaving comments, sorry dear bloggers!
I have a plausible excuse
I started new job this week and i loving it btw!
I'm working as an admin assistant for a small non-profit organization for the blinds
I have been learning the ropes this week
It's complete different experience for me
My boss is blind so is most of the staff
There are only 2 non-blind person
One of them is me
I have to think of stuff like, don't move crucial  things around, keep them at the same place, like the dish soap i used and didn't put it back where it was and looking at my colleagues in the kitchen wondering at what they were looking for in the cupboard above the sink and realizing oh! shit! i didn't put the dish soap back at it's right place!
They all laugh of course and said - You will get use to it!

My boss needs a signature guide and a pen when she has to signed a document
When she gets  regular mail i have to scan the letter and use a software so she can listen to  what is written on the  letter or  read the document to her

They all have earphones to listen to their e-mails
The software which reads their e-mails is called Jaws

You have to make sure nothing is their way when they move around the office
They all make jokes about their handicap
They are inspiring!
And, and... i can pretty well wear what i want cause they can see  me!
But before all that fun began 
We had to run to an emergency vet clinic the night before i started work
Leo our cat had broken his thighbone
He was such in pain
The vet told us they probably would have to amputate the leg or if not it would not heal properly, the cat was going blind....so we had to make a decision
It was so hard, we decided to put him down
Poor thing he was such a sweet cat
I'm still wondering how it happened?
We found him on his back  hollering  and panicking in the hallway 
My God! what an experience i kid you not!
I'm learning the piano, Mom is giving me piano lessons, and i'm taking another yoga class
Life is busy
Life is good
I will find time for blogging and commenting

All items are thrifted and the the bag is a gift from Christel when i was in Paris this fall , check her blog out here

See you soon!