Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Avoid Buzzed Hair Temptation

I'm struggling right now, Big Time!
I got the buzzed hair bug again
Once bitten you are addicted, i kid you not!
I cut my hair recently but i don't find them short enough
I have an appointment with Sara my hairdresser this Saturday
I will have it cut as short as i can 
Why not get buzzed hair you may say?
I will tell you in a minute
But first lets look at  pretty overdressed me!
Going  all the way!
Tartan, floral, stripes .....Am I missing and element or could i just put in some more fun into that outfit?
I love to go over the top with my clothes
I can't dress like a normal person anymore
Well, between you and me what is normal?
I like to think i'm normal and everybody else missed the boat 
Or it's clearly provocative in the hopes of inspiring the masses?
About the hair...
This is what it looks like 
I will wait a bit for the complete buzzed hair thing
I don't want to freak some people yet...will wait until they know me better
I can't tell you now why, you don't know who reads these blogs
But It's good news, very good news!
Lets say the hunt is over. 

All items I'm wearing are thrifted except for the Jeffrey Campbell shoes who were retail and got them on sale for $39.99!

See you soon

Ariane ox

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To or How do I Wear My Suit?

First I'm a bad blogger
I'm late for Visible Monday
I still don't reply to all your lovely comments
Hope you all forgive me
Got a bit of a cold these days
I'm not a suit person but i spotted this beauty at my last expedition at my favorite thrift shop Renaissance
I look very classy 
Classy is very good on me
But you know me
Things will degenerate quickly...

Lets start with that version

What about this version?
That's my favorite of course!

This is what i'm wearing today
Changed for my DocMartens, we got shitty weather conditions here in Montreal!
Plus a  little warmer and practical cause i'm going out this afternoon

 I'm wearing 

Simon Chang suit - Thrifted at Renaissance 
Suede Boots - Thrifted at Renaissance
Sweater - Thrifted at St-Vincent de Paul
Red boots - Etsy 
DocsMartens - Retail
Wide legged jeans - From the Wonderful Pink Cheetah Vintage Etsy store 

Have yourself a great week



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How To Wear Skinny Tartan leggings at 54 or How To Take the Garbage out with Style

After a day of tests and interviews i felt like wearing my tartan leggings and just be plain silly
So how do you wear skinny tartan leggings at 54?
Just do it the way you want
I said it before and i'm saying it again
Who cares anyway?
Forget the cellulite, the bulges, the muffin caps and what not
I have cellulite, and i have the weird soft stuff that nobody wants to know about it
Forget about it! would you?
Have fun!
Show your derriere and do those silly poses
I'm having a post -interview moment i guess
After the interviews i stumbled across a charming haberdasher's shop called
Rix Rax
The place was wonderful, full of trimmings, feathers, buttons....
I purchased pompoms and that wonderful Sisi button 
That will turn out to be a ring or a necklace
If you are in that hood, stop and have a look

And yes i will take the garbage out in that outfit after i update this darn post!

I'm wearing...
Shirt thrifted at Renaissance
Jumper- E-Bay
Leggings - Mia boutique - McGill College underground boutique
Boots - Retail - JC
Hat - Thrifted



Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Share Your Style

How to share your style?
This is an easy question of course!
Sacramento's Share in Style


Yes we have snow!
But it's ok, if we didn't have snow we would have summer, right?
It's a funny way to think but better to complain all the time

Thank you for for your encouragements as far as job hunting
I have a couple of good prospects this week
One of them is a second interview for a non profit org and the other one could be an hospital admin job but first i have to go through their multitude of tests!

I'm wearing for Share in Style 

Fabulous $1  corduroy skirt thrifted at St-Vincent de Paul
$5 Jean jacket  thrifted at St- Vincent de Paul
Hat - Renaissance
Doc Martens, retail 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

For the Love of Judith - Hat Attack

For the love of our extraordinary Judith
I'm joining Hat Attack this week

a4      a5a6
I had this hat for a while
I found it at church bazaar
It's so unique and i love the color



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Please, Please Me or Hire Me!

Again and i will not say it enough or just tell me to shut the hell up!
I'm glad to be back!
Tks for your super nice comments, i can't get over how nice they are!

Well about the title of this post
I'm a big fan of the Beatles! Who is not anyway!
I could have written please, please hire me, but i felt like a looser so i chose
Please, Please me.... I know it doesn't make any sense, but who cares...
You know all that i'm looking for a job
Any admin job...
I send an average  of 10 or 15 CVs a week
Lots of work i kid you not!
But i'm getting the hang of it
Especially cover letters
I'm the queen of cover letters 

 At the beginning I use to write extensive cover letters
I had such headaches afterwards
No wonder I couldn't blog
All my energy went into cover letters!

Now i keep it simple - 12 concise lines, no frills, to the point...
Since then i have been getting more calls and more interviews.
Between you and me cover letters are a farce
Keep it short and concise, they don't have time to read the subtleties of your writing skills
They say employers spend average 5 minutes or less reading your cover letters and CVs!
5 minutes! You spent what... 1 hour making sure all is fine and they spend 5 minutes...
It's jungle out there i kid you not!
You would be crazy not to hire such a face!
I'm keeping my hopes up, it's not easy to find a job these days

This is what i wore for a job interview this afternoon
Montreal is thank God! a bit more relax on work attire

I was wearing --

Top - Lacoste- Thrifted
Skirt - Modcloth
Shoes - Retail- Winners discount shop
Necklaces - Thrifted
Scarf- Thrifited at Renaissance
Beret - H&M

I will visit your wonderful blogs soon